Portfolio and Commissions


I produce bespoke, hard sci-fi artwork tailored to the specific needs and requests of my clients. Oftentimes, this work is based on NASA whitepapers or other, similar design proposals. That being said, I’m also perfectly capable of working from diagrams provided by the client themselves. A large part of my process is to pursue feedback from clients throughout the development of a piece of art, to better realise their artistic vision.


For still images, my current prices are divided into two components:

– £40 per spacecraft model created

– £11.50 per final rendered image

In the case of planet renders, the spacecraft model cost is typically waived, meaning each finished render of a planet costs £11.50 — but this may not apply to very complicated client requests which require extensive texture work. For more complicated planets, there may be a base cost of £5-£10, depending on complexity.

I can also be commissioned for video clips. My standard rate is £11 per hour, and at a minium each video clip will take me a full working day of eight hours, which means video renders start at £88. This scales with complexity rather than length — so it may be worthwhile to request longer video clips or loops for your video.

Please note that these prices are subject to change either generally because of increases to my cost of living, or on a case-by-case basis because of the complexity of a client’s request.


If you’d like to contact me about commissions, you can do so by sending me an email via this form, or by contacting me on Discord in the ToughSF community: http://discord.gg/aFvTbty